Dentricity Dr-eDentity (Social Media)

Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. Everyone knows what social media is. But there are specialized niches within the medium many may not be familiar with. Dr-eDentity is Dentricity’s Social Networking service designed to give our clients some one-stop shopping.

Social Media for DentistsSo many social marketing options, so little time. Our clients tell us this all the time and we have a service designed to help. We call it Dr-eDentity. We set up profiles social media profiles – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Blog– and link them to our customer’s website.

Doing so not only adds to search engine effectiveness but also gives our clients a strong presence in the Social Networking realm. Though each social media site may seem similar, all have a distinctly different client base. It is important, for many different reasons, to be present on each one of them.


How Does it Work?

  • Your blog articles establish you as an expert and a leader in your field
  • Social Media activity boosts your organic search engine rankings
  • Your Social Media presence helps to distinguish you from other practices who are non-existent in the Social Media realm
  • Your Social Media profiles give you a platform to share positive patient reviews
  • Presents the opportunity to stay more connected with your patients, making them feel more like a part of your “family” rather than just another patient

As you can see, Social Media is no longer just a “toy” for teens. It has become a very relevant part of any online business marketing strategy. But isn’t it confusing? Where do we start? That’s where Dentricity comes in! Our Dr-eDentity service will wrap it all up in a neat, easy to understand package.

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